What We Do?

Why us?
We help organizations identify challenges and to provide practical solutions for the “most important” people optimization issue(s) that will have the highest impact on results in the shortest amount of time.

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We focus our expertise on “jumpstarting” initiatives in organizations where there is a need to improve the quality and performance of their “people” processes and there is a willingness to take advantage of cost effective, external experience and expertise to get the job done, NOW through:  
~ our consulting approach
~ understanding the current market drivers
~ understanding the delta between current performance and desired behaviors
~ the methodology – experience based and multimedia systems and tools 

Boston and Associates LLC brings proven, practical solutions to business challenges with a clear focus on the bottom line. With an emphasis on Inclusion and Diversity Consulting, Cultural Competency and Intelligence, Executive Coaching, Performance Improvement Consulting, and Career Transition Services, we represent a network of subject matter experts and thought leaders dedicated to providing solutions, not promises, with a true commitment to quality for all Human Capital Management needs.

Our global management consulting firm has a network of virtual experts that are noted for building outstanding relationships. The insight and training that we bring enhance understanding of how diversity, gender, generational, cultural, national and racial differences impact today’s diverse society and career marketplace. Our consulting approach is to understand the current market drivers and the delta between current performance and desired behaviors.

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